Unity In Christ

In these next series of blogs I’m going to touch on some really deep and life changing truths the Lord has revealed to me, in my journey of life. Realizing these things has birthed a revelation of what unity in Christ means. Every relationship that exists in our lives all reflect something about God and how His kingdom operates. His order is necessary because it reveals how our homes should operate and how ministry should operate. If you desire to serve the Lord get your self and your home in order and pour that into the body of Christ. There is a time for everything and a lot of the times we tend to take advantage of this very important and crucial step before engaging in ministry.

Before we dive into the deep i wanted to touch on some self reflecting thoughts.

Important things to consider when going through different seasons with the Lord, what is He teaching you now that will be used to help lead others in the future? Where is the enemy trying to cause division in my life now that can be helpful to watch out for when keeping things together in the future? Everything we go through good, bad, and ugly are all used by God for His glory in our lives, nothing gets wasted. Not one experience, and what I want to do is encourage you all to fully engage in your current state of being, what type of season your in and completely yield your self in submission to the Lord and his teaching in your life. Life is hard and can be very discouraging but if we keep our minds open and willing to be taught, the Lord can reveal and direct us in the way HE sees best for us. Everyday is a new day to learn more deeply about our creator and about how He’s created us to live. How we listen, understand, and communicate with the Lord will reflect a lot into how we listen, understand and communicate with others.

If we aren’t going to build relationships with the intentions of listening and understanding others then the foundation of that relationship is already pointless and defeated. We should all get to know others to learn about how they think.

What we should do as believers is seek the Lord to show us how to pour out His love, wisdom and knowledge in the best way possible. I’m not concerned about us agreeing or not, I’m concerned about showing you love and truth and I cannot do in my own strength. Love isn’t based on agreement, and it isn’t based off of enabling or accepting things that are wrong. God is love and His Love is patient, kind, understanding, uplifting, transforming, encouraging, confronting and enduring.

As humans our emotions and understanding of things change, which is why those things shouldn’t be reliable enough to lead and guide people. Blind people can’t lead blind people. Our emotions were created for a purpose but not for the reason of them controlling us. When we get so wrapped up in ourselves and how we feel we can easily miss the greater picture or perspective of things and This is why we need Gods wisdom, knowledge and understanding, because when we abide in His love, and we learn to depend on Him to lead and guide us then that will pour out into others around you.

-Natasha Gutierrez

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