Know Your Way Out

Sometimes even when I’m surrounded, I feel so alone. Certain days, it feels as if everything is going wrong. I try to do things that will get me back on track, but it seems as if I can’t even think straight. 

Today was one of those days. Except I wasn’t alone… I was surrounded by the spiritual realm. 

I believe there’s demons and angels all around. All the time. Even if I don’t physically see them, at times I sense when they’re near. 

My best explanation to you: when I feel lost, confused, in despair, depressed or some other negative feeling other than God’s love; It is because I’m allowing the demons to steal my joy, to ruin my day. 

In that moment I try to turn to anything – to make me feel good. Yet that empty feeling remains. 


As many times as it takes me I surrender the situation- my day- my life to our Father in the Heavens. And instantly I am renewed. 

-In that moment the presence of God overwhelms me… And it’s nothing like the anxieties/sadness that’s takes over me on a bad day. 

-In that moment, I feel the Holy Spirit, my Comforter. The enemy’s assignment is immediately canceled out! 

-In that moment I know the angels all around me are rejoicing. The demonic powers can no longer be sensed. 

-In that moment I feel compelled to praise the name of Jesus. And give thanks for renewing my spirit, for changing the atmosphere, for the direct access I have, for the freedom I found in Him. He is always waiting with open arms, each time I fall. He always comforts me when I finally turn to him for guidance. He always instantly turns my day around. 

I want each and everyone of you to experience His goodness, every time you’re having the worst day. I love you all, and most importantly you are loved by Him. 


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