Beauty for Ashes.

Jesus has delivered on this amazing kingdom principle in my life. I signed up for abundant life. But I had no idea that the very desires of my heart would unfold in such an amazing way.

When I said yes to Jesus at first it was a very weak at best yes. But he accepted my yes and grafted me into his family immediately. Just before I said yes to him I met an amazing woman. She brought me to church, real church, for the first time. When the pastor asked if anybody wanted to accept Christ she gave me an elbow strike and sent me on my way up front. ( I’m not sure how she knew it was my time, it’s just a thing she always does) I had really long hair and I was the only man there with no suit on, but I made my way up to the front and gave my heart to Jesus.

I dated this woman for about a year and a half before we decided to meet her kids. She had a young son and daughter.

My wife’s love is strong and passionate. She’s super beautiful inside and out. She is definitely Beauty for ashes.


My daughter has been a desire of my heart that I didn’t see coming. This particular beauty has drastically changed my life, heart, and direction. The first day I met her, she looked at her mom and said: “What do I call him, dad?”. My heart said yes automatically. She was beauty that Father placed within my heart when I was knit together in my mother’s womb. It was as they say “meant to be”. She stole my heart that day. I’m truly humbled and grateful for her love towards me. It has always been unconditional. There is nothing sweeter than a beautiful daughter to take away ash.IMG953289

Some years later Jesus adds a beautiful daughter-in-law to our family. She’s amazing. I love her tremendously too. She is an amazing gift from heaven also. Then I had three beautiful girls but God wasn’t through yet. He gave me two granddaughters so far. Each one unique and beautiful. And He’s not done yet as our youngest son is not married yet and I’m sure will bring in more beauty.

That’s my storyline. Beauty for ashes, love for hate. That’s God the Father. That’s Jesus. By the way, I also have two sons who are great men of God and four awesome strong and handsome grandsons and counting.

In my church family, I have many more daughters and sons and brothers and sisters. Amazing. They are awesome people. Beautiful.

I’m excited for even more beauty.

Father, you have truly blessed my life. I’m alive with wonder and expectation at what blessing you will bestow on me next. Thank you for my beautiful wife, beautiful daughters, beautiful sons, beautiful granddaughters and beautiful grandsons. I’m overwhelmed with your great love and abundant life. I love you. In Jesus’ Name. Amen.

Written By: Keith Murphy

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