Heaven’s Baseball

I fell into a deep sleep after a long hard day; I was simply exhausted and was ready for a good night’s rest. I rarely dream and when I do, the moment I awake the dream is gone.  However, this night I’ll not soon forget.

I was fast asleep and was very relaxed.  Suddenly I realized that my exhaustion was my departure from the world.  I looked around and understood where I was: Heaven. I was surrounded in peace and love.  I felt very much at home and relaxed and as I looked I was in a stadium. Puzzled, I turned and asked a person in the crowd.  The individual greeted me with enthusiasm and told me his name. “Hello,” he said with a firm handshake “my name is Paul and it’s a pleasure to meet you.”

Paul exclaimed “We’ve been watching you and are so glad to finally make your acquaintance.” I was in astonishment and asked “Is this Heaven?”  Paul responded with a hearty chuckle and stated “Yes, it is.” “Why am I, how could I, what happened?” I had so many questions. Suddenly there was a loud trumpet blast and I heard a voice yell “Play ball!”

I turned my head and as I looked, the stadium which I was seated in was over a large opening with a perfect view of a ball game held in an earthly setting.  I have never really had much interest in baseball, however, I decided to watch and ask questions later. The teams had uniforms which I could not distinguish quite clearly. Something look different; there was…there was only one team I thought?  Curiouser and curiouser I watched on.

The first batter was up and I looked to see the pitcher (sorry I did!), a hideous monster wearing the number 666.  Never have I seen such evil, yet I had no fear. The first up was Christian, a strong bible scholar who lived and proclaimed the gospel.  The pitcher through a wicked curveball; and Christian let it go by; “Ball” the umpire cried. Next a fiery fast ball literally screamed toward the plate. With quick a firm footing in the Word Christian blasted through splintering the bat.

The ball was going, going, gone, “Homerun!” shouted the umpire.  Never have I heard such an evil hiss. Looking on I realized the stadium on earth was packed with demons. These demons I noticed entice the players to indulge in desires of the flesh. To my dismay, some partook and when their turn came to the plate, they would strike out.

I asked Paul why I was seeing this and his response dropped my jaw. “You played this” he said.  “Paul, I exclaimed I don’t really like baseball.” The spirit stirred within me and I heard a voice saying this is merely a metaphor.  Yet, my attention was fully gained and my questions were being answered.

Verse after verse I recalled from my upbringing and my education.  I watched on in astonishment as those who appeared to be wearing jerseys “Lukewarm” in their Christian walk took the plate and prepared for what was thrown at them.  Those who were not firmly grounded in the Word of God, hit fowls, struck out, or would try to bunt to no avail. As I looked on, I was horrified as those that didn’t do so well at bat were quickly ushered away with temptations and they fell victim to desires of the flesh.

“Paul,” I exclaimed “you wrote about this in Galatians Chapter 5.”  

“Well done”, a thunderous yet kind, encouraging, and loving voice stated. Paul spoke “Yes, you are correct.”  

“Paul” I said, “If I may, you also warned that those who do such things do not inherit the kingdom (v.17-21).”  

“Yes; I am glad you took to heart that which was proclaimed to me by the Holy Spirit.” Paul stated.  

I looked and saw another with the jersey ‘Lukewarm’, I don’t like that phrase.  “Neither does Luke”, a voice stated, “Good one James”, “Come on”, one of the apostles stated, “Let’s watch”.

I noticed I was sitting with the Apostles and the entire stadium where I sat was made up of Angels. As the batter approached the plate, he looked up and as I gazed at his face I awoke.  What could this mean I pondered and prayed. “Holy spirit, I am asking for your counsel, I need to know what this dream, this vision I saw, what this possibly meant?”

I soon began to realize through a divine intervention with the holy spirit and understanding, I was watching my life. Despite what I thought was me doing the right and living accordingly, there were areas in my life which needed to be addressed. Those desires of the flesh, those temptations to sin, needed to be exposed and gotten rid from my life. I again went into a dream like state and addressed those demons which caused me to stumble.

Now more I boldly stated, I am a child of the King and I serve a risen savior.  The demons hissed and taunted me. I began to proclaim victory in the name of Jesus and told the demons that there was no weapon formed against me as stated by the Prophet Isaiah. I watched as the demons began to puff their chest and drooled an acidic saliva which burned on them and scorched the earth.

I continued to quote scripture and gained confidence in faith and promise of the kingdom.  Again, I heard the loud thunderous voice stating “Well done” and the voice continued “my good and faithful servant.” The voice was my Heavenly master and I knew my trials and tribulations were molding me and making me into what my Father wanted of me.


I thank you for showing this to me.  I have asked for dreams and visions and I have been asking to hear from my Father.

I conclude this revelation with prayer,

Thank you, Heavenly father for teaching me what I need to know.

Thank you, Father, for showing me, just where I need to grow.

Dear Jesus keep me on the path and doing right in the Father’s eyes.

Holy spirit, I pray, my knowledge will continually be on the rise.

Lord God, I do love you so and asked forgiveness when I falter.

At the foot of the cross, you oh sweet Jesus paid my price on His altar.

I will forever proclaim your name and trust in you

In Jesus’ Precious Name Amen.

Written By: Michael La Tulippe

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