Our First Blog Post!

This is our very first CC Naugy blog post; how cool is that?!!

We have started this blog because our church family has been blessed with people who have an ability and a desire to share God’s truths, insights, encouragements, and convictions in multiple ways. As pastor I have read and heard countless Biblical, profound, and Spirit birthed revelations from so many in our church family. Some would consider themselves pretty good writers and articulators and some would not.

I really feel like we have a tremendous opportunity to highlight and share just some of what God is doing in so many of the hearts of our church family. Those who will choose to participate in this blog will be encouraged, challenged, and blessed. Reading and listening to what is posted here has a great potential to be seen and heard by many others and encourage them in their own life of faith. This blog will also be really helpful and freeing to those who have something brewing in their hearts from the Spirit. Writing has the amazing ability to give clarity and precision to our minds and emotions, and more times than not as we chose to write down what the Spirit is speaking to our hearts we are blown away by what comes out. This is because He is always speaking to us, and many times we need to slow down and listen and write to help better process what the Lord is speaking to our hearts.

This blog is definitely not a place for people to build their self esteem and find their self worth in comments or “likes” in response to what they have written or produced. This blog is a place to share news of what God is doing and speaking in people’s lives. Some posts will be inspiring, some may sobering, some may be exciting, some may be confusing, etc. It is not our goal to heavily filter what is written and shared here. Some obvious things will not be welcomed or posted. Guidelines of best practices for this blog can be found HEREThink of this blog not as a pastor’s blog, but as a church’s blog. This is a place where the family gets to share some of what God is doing in their life through words or through video.

I very much look forward to reading and listening to what The Spirit is going to share through you! Do not be shy or paralyzed by what you think other people might say or do about a post that you create. Let’s instead proceed with a focus to encourage and lift up our church family (and others) about the voice of God and the presence of God and what He is doing. He is so faithful and so good and so amazing so let’s keep talking, writing, and celebrating it in any way that we can! In some seasons He may seem quiet, distant, and far off and a blog like this is invaluable during those seasons.

Just a quick FYI, some things that God has spoken and encouraged to your heart are just for you and Him and not for others. Not all words and thoughts of your intimate relationship with your Father need to be publicly shared so do not feel like you have to do that. As you and your Father  are in fellowship He will bless your heart in amazing ways that are really only for you and Him to know about, please do not share those types of intimate relational things here 🙂

Philemon 1:6 “And I pray that the sharing of your faith may become effective for the full knowledge of every good thing that is in us for the sake of Christ.”


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