The word of God never ceases to amaze me. With that being said, some people can continually baffle, frustrate, and leave us in utter bewilderment.  So it’s time to unravel this ethical conundrum. I have chosen to parallel this paper entitled ‘Joyous Choice or slippery slope’ with a topic which has been around. I am speaking on a particular question of all ages.  Which is the correct way we should live?

Whether you see this as a moral or an ethical challenge; many see this choice we have been given as being very difficult.

Others see it as cruel and feel a loving God would not do this and it’s seen more as a church mandate.  Yet some simply shrug it off as nonsense and do as they please.

We know right from wrong, good and evil, and despite your religious views, most people know these two forces coexist.

Yet there are those who chose not to believe and live the way they want.

If you open God’s word and read: from Genesis to Revelation. One thing that never changes is God. His love is constant; His expectations are set in stone.  And the way He deals with people, His creation, His children; is unwavering.

You see when God created us, that wasn’t the end, only the beginning. God has a plan and purpose for each of us. How do I know? Well for one, Jeremiah 29:11 says:

“For I know the plans I have for you” —this is the Lord’s declaration—“plans for your welfare, not for disaster, to give you a future and a hope.”

From the old testament prophets to the new testament disciples and apostles, each of these individuals had knowledge from the Holy Spirit and wanted it known.

The prophet Ezekiel wrote:

“I will give you a new heart and put a new spirit within you; I will remove your heart of stone and give you a heart of flesh.”

– Ezekiel 36:26

Knowing the issues of people through observation of their lifestyle and hearing from God, there was Hope. Simply stated: God says do this, you do it. If God says do not do something, therefore, you don’t.

God protects us, He loves us, and is patient with us; very patient. 

Regardless of those facts which can be backed with scripture, people are seemingly stubborn, arrogant, and ignorant.

We’ve all encountered those type individuals.

The stubborn like the way things are and see no reason to change.

The arrogant have it all figured out and do as they please.

Then there’s the ignorant (I’ll raise my hand) despite knowing the right choice, would rather go along with the crowd for acceptance. Yes, I was once guilty of this however, I’ve been forgiven, saved and set free!!!

Oy vay, what a mess society has become. Judgment and wrath are both reality and God has the final say.  He will judge us based on how we live. And we Will feel His wrath based on the choice of lifestyle we partake in.

The apostle Paul wrote in 2 Corinthians 5:10:

“For we must all appear before the tribunal of Christ, so that each may be repaid for what he has done in the body, whether good or worthless.”

Goodness, just look at the Bible, countless recollections of how God deals with humanity based on the way people live.

The flood: was this just because God could do it? Nope.  Read the story and learn the reason why God ended His creation yet spared a few.

The Israelites wandering in the desert: coincidence? Nope. Read the story and learn the reason for 40 years. This track is roughly 250 miles and could normally be done in 12 days.

Sodom and Gomorrah, again we see how God destroyed some and saved a select few.

Why? Again, the answers are there for those who seek them.

As I was reading through the book of Revelation, I was literally on the edge of my seat. Not so much gripped in mystery or suspense but in utter bewilderment.

When the tribulation is spoken of, people are recorded as still being in utter denial and refusal to repent.

Revelation chapter 16 speaks of the final seven bowls of the wrath of God.  These seven bowls represent climactic moments of God’s punishment for sin. For the first time I really studied this and what I learned was shocking to me.  During this time there will be those who are still blind, have hard hearts, and will continue to be deaf to the truth.

There is the one particular passage which I can not seem to fathom.

Revelation 16:10-11:

“The fifth poured out his bowl on the throne of the beast, and his kingdom was plunged into darkness. People gnawed their tongues because of their pain and blasphemed the God of heaven because of their pains and their sores, yet they did not repent of their actions.”

Hold on, you mean to tell me there will still be people who are going to be in pain due to God’s wrath? Under judgment and they would sooner blaspheme God and gnaw their tongues rather than repent!

So rather than know God, receive forgiveness, be set free from guilt, shame, and condemnation, people would rather live in sin which offers no real and lasting Joy or Peace. Sin which ultimately leads to death and destruction…seriously?!??

I recall a song from a band DC talk entitled “What if I stumble”

The song begins with this thought:

The greatest single cause of atheism in the world today

It’s Christians who acknowledge Jesus with their lips

Then walk out the door and deny him by their lifestyle.

That is what an unbelieving world simply finds unbelievable…

We have a choice and quite honestly that is not a design flaw, it is by design. God created us in His image. Yes, you read correctly, the angels and us share in the ability to make a choice.

Lucifer who was an angel, actually one in which was of the highest order, who felt at one point he could usurp God’s authority and kingdom. Yet there is only one God and therefore Lucifer was cast out of heaven. Just a little history/understanding of Satan. Now, back to the point of this paper.

We can Love the Lord God with all our heart or chose to love our self. If we love God, our desire is to please the Father by living the way he designed us to which is in a relationship with Him. This predestined way of life is selfless.

Likewise, if we love self we choose to please self.  By choosing self over God, we ultimately take Him off the throne and in place, put ourselves. Sounds pretty selfish huh?!

As I stated earlier, God has the final say regarding our choice, our lifestyle and our eternity.  The Bible is very clear of His wrath and what to expect if living so. Thereby His judgment should come as no surprise.

There comes a point where each of us decides to make the choice.  Either to do our thing as we have chosen, or live as God desires.  I pray that you have made the correct decision based on facts and not on persuasions or temptations.  Fully know what is the correct way to live.

One more important verse which seems to sum up the right choice:

John 1:12-13

“But to all who did receive Him, He gave them the right to be children of God, to those who believe in His name, who were born, not of blood, or of the will of the flesh, or of the will of man, but of God.”

Self-check, Ask yourself: 

Does my lifestyle reflect Jesus?

Do I live according to the word of God or way of the world?

Your answer is between you and God.

That my friend is a joyous choice or a slippery slope.

The choice is yours.

in Christ,

Michael T. La Tulippe

Armor of Love.

We are all familiar with the saying to put on the Armor of God.

What is the Armor of God?

The best ever!!!

My brothers and sisters, it is time for us to stand up, suit up, step out, and be bold.

“Put on the full Armor of God so that you can stand against the tactics of the Devil.”

Ephesians 6:11

So what exactly does this Armor consist of?

14 Stand, therefore, with truth like a belt around your waist, righteousness like armor on your chest,

15 and your feet sandaled with readiness for the gospel of peace.

16 In every situation take the shield of faith, and with it you will be able to extinguish all the flaming arrows of the evil one.

17 Take the helmet of salvation, and the sword of the Spirit, which is God’s word.

Ephesians 6:14-17

This is where I began to take a look at the word armor or armour. When a deeper look was taken, I began to understand how strong the armor or armor of God truly is.

The word armor originates from the old French word Armure.  Adversely the root word is a derivative from the Latin word “armatura” which the basic meaning for armor, equipment, armament, or outfit.

Armor is the American spelling of the word meaning a tough protective covering.

Armour is the preferred spelling in all the other main varieties of English. Other than the spelling, there is no difference between the words.

Now, let’s step this up a bit and gain some more knowledge.

Another word which comes to mind is Amour; that word in French means love.

When you think about the Armor of God and think of the love of God as described in

1 Corinthians 13.


And again apply this further in our understanding of Armor.


Paul wrote in 1 Corinthians 13: 4 – 8:

Love is patient

Love is kind.

Love does not envy.

Love is not boastful.

Love is not conceited.

Love does not act improperly.

Love is not selfish.

Love is not provoked.

Love does not keep a record of wrongs. Love finds no joy in unrighteousness.

Love rejoices in the truth.

Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things

Love never ends.

As Christians, we are the embodiment of Jesus and in turn, represent the Father’s Love.  As the body of Christ grows in strength and confidence, the enemy becomes, angered, annoyed and weak. Although we may not physically put Armor on, being wrapped in the Father’s Love provides the basis of protection.

Think of love as the chainmail which you put on underneath the armor.

Now, as a Christian, we apply the full armor of God as prescribed above in Ephesians 6.

Truth like a belt around our waist,

Righteousness like armor on our chest

Feet sandaled with readiness for the gospel of peace.

In every situation take the shield of faith, The helmet of salvation

The sword of the Spirit, which is God’s word.

Pray at all times in the Spirit with every prayer and request.

Now we are ready, prepared and able to show up with boldness and shine as we are fully in the Armor of light; the Armor of God.

We no longer desire what is offered by the world. Our satisfaction is found in knowing the savior and living in the will of the Father.

The night is nearly over, and the daylight is near, so let us discard the deeds of darkness and put on the armor of light.

Romans 13:12


And hasn’t it been said, without Love you have nothing?

Therefore anything we possess without love is meaningless.  Everything we do is thereby motivated with the love of God.

By knowing this, putting on the whole Armor of God is attainable and we become a threat to the enemy.

Written by: Michael T. La Tulippe



What is timeless?

Love is timeless.

God is timeless.

God is love.


If you looked at the word of God from cover to cover, beginning to end, Genesis to Revelation; we would see the general theme of love.


Early on we read verses like Jeremiah 31:3

“…I have loved you with an everlasting love; therefore, I have continued to extend faithful love to you.”

John 3:16

“For God so loved the world…”

Verses such as 1 John 4:7-12 exemplifies how our knowing God is knowledge of His love.  Love is from God, love is of God, and love is God.

If God was, is, and always shall be; thereby timeless – therefore so is love.

If we actually did a biblical search on:

  • The love of God

  • God is love

  • God of love

  • God’s love

And so on, we would find hundreds and possibly thousands of examples of His love.

A love which is freely given.

We understand how much God loves us. From the beginning, we see how God does everything in love.


“Hold up” “wait a minute” you stop me at this point, you brow shows concern, and the questions begin.

“Ah, you remember the flood, the ark, and Noah; where was the love?

“Or how about the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah?”

And I am sure the list could go on and on.


At this point, I would simply smile, sit back, and open the word of God.

Let’s take a look at some of the issues you mentioned and see if, in fact, love was the reason.

We know God is a just God. We also know God, the Father, disciplines those who don’t adhere to his word; correct?

And discipline is an act of love.

Like or not, a parent disciples their child out of love. Discipline is thereby a corrective action to mold us, make us, bend us, and at times; break us.

As humans, we have fleshly desires, selfish attitude, and self-interest at heart. However, you may feel that those human traits or characteristics are by design as since God created us; then that fault is on Him.

You do realize we were created in the image of God. We have free will, and we also know God’s will.

Our one key facet which makes us desire to do the will of the Father is we know we were created in love to be in a relationship with our heavenly Father.

Then why the flood? Why Sodom and Gomorrah?

Those people which lost their lives choose self over God. Rather than living self-less and according to God’s commandments. They wanted to do their own thing, selfishly live the way they wanted to; with no regard for their Creator.

Whoa, this paper seems to be getting a bit deep for my liking; can’t I just live normally and enjoy life?!

My question would be, define normal and the things that you find enjoyable. You don’t have to tell me, simply keep that answer for yourself. Your choice is between you and the Father.

Now go a step further with what you defined as normal and those things you believe to be enjoyable. Ask yourself: Is what I am doing, how I am living, pleasing in the eyes of the Father?

I am not here to judge you or perhaps make you feel guilty. Your conscience, by His design, is a moral compass as it were. The Bible is what God wants for us. How to live, how to act, how to enjoy, and how we are to conduct ourselves.

As I started out with regards to Timeless. Hopefully, I have illustrated:

Love is timeless.

God is timeless.

God is love.

Love is timeless.

May you find joy in knowing the Father through the Son.

May you always have a loving relationship with God and others.

Lastly, l leave you with this verse to ponder:

2 Thessalonians 3:5

“May the Lord direct your hearts to God’s love and Christ’s endurance.”

Be blessed.

Written by: Michael T. La Tulippe

Thorn in the Flesh.

The phrase “thorn in your side/flesh”.  Interestingly enough is only in the Bible twice.  As I did my study and prayed about this phrase; I began to gain understanding.

Notably, the term is used to describe a continuous issue/problem. A problem which annoys a person and there seems to be no relief.  Theologians and scholars debate regarding Paul’s thorn in the flesh.

Some suggestions regard poor eyesight, difficulty speaking clearly, a recurring illness or some facial disfigurement. Other suggestions speak literally of a messenger of satan which God allowed to keep Paul humble.

Still, some refer to physical ailment which Paul had received as he had been imprisoned, stoned, beaten, and shipwrecked.

2 Corinthians 12:7-8

“…especially because of the extraordinary revelations. Therefore, so that I would not exalt myself, a thorn in the flesh was given to me, a messenger of Satan to torment me so I would not exalt myself. Concerning this, I pleaded with the Lord three times to take it away from me.”

The other time the phrase was used is in Numbers:

Numbers 33:55

“But if you don’t drive out the inhabitants of the land before you, those you allow to remain will become thorns in your eyes and in your sides; they will harass you in the land where you will live.

In this particular case; the Israelites encountered Canaanites while trying to obtain the Promised Land which God had chosen for them.

The lifestyles of the Canaanites made life more difficult for the Israelites. Once again the chosen people of God did not live according to the laws and commandments which God had given them.

Similarly, my thought is Paul’s thorn, despite his burning passion to spread the gospel; some people he encountered would rather live for themselves.

Paul’s love for the Father and his desire for others to know God’s love; I believe as he encountered those unwilling to listen or receive caused him to anguish.

Much like the Israelites not always living the way God intended often caused them to anguish.  Which ultimately caused our heavenly Father angst, however, His love never stops and He never gives up.

We all have a thorn in our side. However, we are to learn how to deal with it.

We need to give thanks in all things and continual be focused on God.

The more our focus is on His will and what He wants for us; the less our thorn’s presence is known.

Written by: Michael La Tulippe


I’m boxed in
4 walls surround me
I can’t breathe
I feel suffocated
I can’t scream
My tears hit the floor
Can you hear them?
The pain from within
I’m boxed in
Pressed from all sides
I try to push my way out
I give up
Destroy the roof off my dreams
Not my dreams anymore
I give up
I surrender
Your ways are way better
Break the box minded mentality
Squeeze me until there’s nothing left
Break me down
Build me back up
To be
All I was meant to be
Free from all the deception
Free from the lies
Give me truth
Til I see
Who I really am

Written by: Leigh-Ann Kalogrides


Positioned to Partner

What if Moses had not raised his staff or stretched out his hand over the sea? Would the waters of the Red Sea have parted for the Israelites to cross on dry ground?

What if Joshua had not had the priests with their trumpets and the army march around the wall seven times and then shout? Would the wall of Jericho have fallen?

What if the man who was blind from birth had never gone to wash in the Pool of Siloam after Jesus put spit and mud on his eyes? Would he have remained blind?

What if Ananias had not gone to that particular house, on that particular street to lay his hands on the eyes of Saul (Paul)? Would Saul’s eyesight have been restored?


The question is not whether God could have done all of these things. God’s sovereignty is undeniable. The question is whether they would have walked into the fullness of the destiny that God had prepared for them had they decided to not faithfully follow through with the actions that they were called to carry out. Even in just these few biblical examples, the actions can seem a bit odd. Not unlike some of the unusual actions that we see today.


Consider this an invitation to use your imagination to look through the lenses of someone who has never stepped foot into a church building before. At any particular time, they will see people with heads bowed, eyes closed, hands folded, hands clapping, hands joined together with others, arms reaching up, arms extended all toward the same thing/person, hands raised as if waiting to receive something, people standing, sitting, face down on the ground, kneeling, dancing and people laying hands on other people. Maybe this is the first time you’ve really stopped to think about these actions. For me, these actions are not ritualistic or ceremonial; they are an outward reflection of the inner attitude of my heart at that moment.


When Ananias physically laid his hands on Saul’s eyes, it was how he displayed to God that he was willing to step out in faith and position himself in such a way that came in agreement with all that God had purposed. And when we actively respond to the leading of the Holy Spirit, regardless of how odd or unusual it may seem at the time, our actions become a declaration to Father God that reveals the “Yes and Amen” that is resounding in the very depths of our heart and soul. These actions demonstrate our inner desire to partner with God; our desire to see His kingdom come, for His will to be done on earth as it is in heaven.


God once walked in the garden with us humans, and He sent His Son to restore that broken relationship. Undivided, intimate love is what God desires most from us (Matthew 22:37). We can cry out night and day to our heavenly Father, professing our love for Him. But we know from Isaiah 29:13, that love is more than carefully assembled words, as beautiful as they may sound. Father God blesses us with opportunities to show Him that the deepest desire of our heart is to know Him, to love Him and to partner with Him. Our love for Him looks like many things.


But responding to those opportunities is a choice. Moses raised his staff and stretched out his hand over the sea, and God parted the waters. Joshua marched around a wall and shouted, and God made the wall collapse. The blind man washed in the pool, and God restored his sight. Ananias laid his hands on Saul, and God removed the scales from eyes and filled him with the Holy Spirit. Are you willing to respond?


Ephesians 3:14-21

“For this reason I kneel before the Father, from whom every family in heaven and on earth derives its name. I pray that out of his glorious riches he may strengthen you with power through his Spirit in your inner being, so that Christ may dwell in your hearts through faith. And I pray that you, being rooted and established in love, may have power, together with all the Lord’s holy people, to grasp how wide and long and high and deep is the love of Christ, and to know this love that surpasses knowledge—that you may be filled to the measure of all the fullness of God.

Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us, to him be glory in the church and in Christ Jesus throughout all generations, for ever and ever! Amen.”

Written by: Joanna Winters

Beauty for Ashes.

Jesus has delivered on this amazing kingdom principle in my life. I signed up for abundant life. But I had no idea that the very desires of my heart would unfold in such an amazing way.

When I said yes to Jesus at first it was a very weak at best yes. But he accepted my yes and grafted me into his family immediately. Just before I said yes to him I met an amazing woman. She brought me to church, real church, for the first time. When the pastor asked if anybody wanted to accept Christ she gave me an elbow strike and sent me on my way up front. ( I’m not sure how she knew it was my time, it’s just a thing she always does) I had really long hair and I was the only man there with no suit on, but I made my way up to the front and gave my heart to Jesus.

I dated this woman for about a year and a half before we decided to meet her kids. She had a young son and daughter.

My wife’s love is strong and passionate. She’s super beautiful inside and out. She is definitely Beauty for ashes.


My daughter has been a desire of my heart that I didn’t see coming. This particular beauty has drastically changed my life, heart, and direction. The first day I met her, she looked at her mom and said: “What do I call him, dad?”. My heart said yes automatically. She was beauty that Father placed within my heart when I was knit together in my mother’s womb. It was as they say “meant to be”. She stole my heart that day. I’m truly humbled and grateful for her love towards me. It has always been unconditional. There is nothing sweeter than a beautiful daughter to take away ash.IMG953289

Some years later Jesus adds a beautiful daughter-in-law to our family. She’s amazing. I love her tremendously too. She is an amazing gift from heaven also. Then I had three beautiful girls but God wasn’t through yet. He gave me two granddaughters so far. Each one unique and beautiful. And He’s not done yet as our youngest son is not married yet and I’m sure will bring in more beauty.

That’s my storyline. Beauty for ashes, love for hate. That’s God the Father. That’s Jesus. By the way, I also have two sons who are great men of God and four awesome strong and handsome grandsons and counting.

In my church family, I have many more daughters and sons and brothers and sisters. Amazing. They are awesome people. Beautiful.

I’m excited for even more beauty.

Father, you have truly blessed my life. I’m alive with wonder and expectation at what blessing you will bestow on me next. Thank you for my beautiful wife, beautiful daughters, beautiful sons, beautiful granddaughters and beautiful grandsons. I’m overwhelmed with your great love and abundant life. I love you. In Jesus’ Name. Amen.

Written By: Keith Murphy

Childlike Faith, Foolishness?

What to do when childlike faith seems like foolishness?

One of the interesting things about the phrase “childlike faith”, is that you will not find it in the Bible anywhere. The concepts of innocence, trust, humility and dependence are certainly found in Matthew 18:1-5 and that is typically where we get the phrase from. In that passage the disciples are trying to figure out who among them will be the greatest. I can only imagine Jesus responding with a long and patient sigh before He explains in detail once again that He represents the “upside down” Kingdom; and that greatness like many other things in God’s Kingdom, are defined entirely differently than by our familiar worldly wisdom or experiences.

The Bible makes it crystal clear that faith is critical to the life of anyone who calls themselves a Christian and that all Christ followers should be growing in faith through their years of following Christ. Passages like Hebrews 11:6, Ephesians 2:8-9, Ephesians 6:6 and many others make that point clear.

Here is where I have had difficulty in my own personal life, and maybe you have as well. Obviously faith is important and critical, but so often a strong faith does not match up well with analytical human reasoning. This tension of faith and intellect for a Spirit filled Christ follower constantly keeps us on our toes and challenges our minds and emotions.

This dynamic inevitably leads us to this question, “Is what I am about to believe or do, faith or foolishness?”

Then typically these types of questions quickly follow—“Is what I am about to believe about this situation primarily faith driven or is it me just being uninformed or not knowledgeable?”  Or “Is what I am about to do or think a wise thing or is it just fantasy?” Or this popular one —“God certainly would never ask me to do anything like this, it makes no sense and it is not possible anyways.” There are many other types and variations of these difficult to deal with questions.

What criteria do you use to decipher between being foolish or faithful? How do you live in the tension of trying to grow in faith but not at the cost of ignoring your brain?

I am proud of the Christian that chooses to engage and wrestle with answers to these types of questions. The wrestling reveals a heart that is hungry for living in a greater awareness of what God has for them. Some just choose to ignore it because the answer is not an easy fix, and well who likes that?

It is true that God gave us a brain, He allowed us to have certain experiences in our lives that teach us different things. As we grow older and more mature we begin to be very keenly aware of the problems of being like a child. Children are ignorant, so they do not have much life experience to inform their decisions. Children are not typically well versed in complex situations, so they are extremely over simplistic with many issues. Children can be extremely gullible and they could trust anyone who seems like they know what they are talking about. The list could go on.

I would like to offer two practical ideas for you that I believe are Biblical and that I hope are helpful for you when it comes to trying to decide if you are about to take a step of faith, or embark into stupid.

1) Faith by its Biblical nature is always extremely risky for us but not for Him.

No matter what level of belief someone might be operating with in their life, from God’s vantage point faith is intended to stretch, challenge, and confuse us. Too often we use the final litmus test of, “does what I am about to think or do make sense?”—I personally believe that this is a great question to ask ourselves regularly; but when it comes to trying to decide between faith or foolishness that cannot be the final question. Faith is like a muscle and in order for it to grow it needs to be worked out and God is the one who orchestrates the workout sessions. Repeatedly God has called men and women to incredibly bizarre and seemingly completely stupid things. One example that quickly illustrates this point is Gideon. His story can be read in Judges 6-7. God basically takes Gideon, a runt from a non military family, tells him that the enemy army outnumbers their army 4 to 1; then God says even though you are outnumbered 4-1 his army is still to large so I am going to severely shrink it to 1 percent of it’s original size and then you can go and fight. What kind of stupid military strategy is that? Apparently it is a heavenly one rooted in heaven’s potential not in man’s. I have found it to be very helpful in my life to keep that reminder at the forefront of my mind when trying to evaluate faith vs foolishness. 

2) It is essential that we and others we trust believe that God is truly leading.

Some people will read our point above and then justify their total impulsiveness and lack of patience and march on towards all things impossible and call that the life of faith. I am not convinced. A key element to “a child like faith” as referenced above in Matthew 18 is humility. The idea that Jesus was trying to make sure that his disciples grasped was the idea that jockeying for greatness is not how to shine, humility with a championing heart is.

If (honestly it is not an “if” it is a “when”) you are ever in the situation where you are really struggling with taking a significant step of faith in your life, be humble enough to include others in significant ways. It is always scary for me to see how many people are moving in such alleged strong moves of faith but they are all by themselves. I think that we can start to enter the “foolish” arena of this question when we do not include other mature Christian voices into our lives. It is a tremendously wise thing for us to ask a trusted mature believer this one question, “I really feel strongly that God is leading me in such and such direction do you think I am hearing clearly from God or do you think I am missing it somewhere?” . A wise and good friend will probably beat you to it and ask you this question before you ask them —keep those friends or mentors close in your life. This kind of transparent humility with the right type of person or people will unpack so much good and so many healthy things will flow out that it will not only make you feel better but you will feel closer to the heart of God in the situation.

If we often find ourselves rushing to make decisions of faith where we are not including others and we are not fasting and praying through significant faith issues, then I think that we are definitely on the foolish side.

It is amazing how fast we can sacrifice God’s amazing plans of destiny, victory, and growth for impatience, pride and fear.

There is a lot more that can be said on this but I hope that these two principles will be helpful to you the next time you find yourself in the middle of a challenging situation of living out your faith. Let me know your thoughts in the comments below! Blessings!

Written By: Pastor Jered Murphy

The Key

How many times have you heard a saying which begins with “the key”?

Some examples of this which come to mind are saying such as –

The key to a happy life is…


The key to great success is…

Some of us spend a lifetime searching for ‘the key’.

I sought after such a key to stop certain depression, or perhaps to ease my pain and provide a type of relief for stress.

Yet, to my dismay and possibly for others as well, without knowing the true key we will never know what we are predestined to have.  

Wait” you exclaim, “You mean to tell me, we are predestined for something?!” you state in bewilderment.

Romans 8:28-30:

“We know that all things work together for the good of those who love God: those who are called according to His purpose.  For those He foreknew He also predestined to be conformed to the image of His Son, so that He would be the firstborn among many brothers.  And those He predestined, He also called; and those He called, He also justified; and those He justified, He also glorified.”

With your inquisitiveness stirring, you wait, wanting to hear more.  Please let me tell you, let me explain an exciting fact!

We are created in God’s image. We are as stated in the song by Matt Redman known as “Trading My Sorrows (Yes Lord)”.  Always within the Father hands, we have strength from Him.

The song states facts:

“I’m pressed but not crushed

Persecuted but not abandoned

Struck down but not destroyed

I am blessed beyond the curse

For His promise will endure

That His joy’s gonna be my strength

Though the sorrow may last for the night

His joy comes with the morning”

(Songwriter: Darrell Evans)

Yes Lord. A more enjoyable life, more relaxed and with a greater ability to endure issues.  Truly having the key, yes Lord, you’re our joy.

With everyday life’s circumstances, the world offers a variety of keys to fix those issues which we seem to face. Perhaps we have turned to something which numbs or dulls our pain.

We may in fact think to ourselves…

If only there was something which turns our focus from self pity or self loathing into a more relaxed calm state?

Yet when ‘the key’ we have chosen to help us deal with issues wears off, then what?

The issues we face still exist and we have just realized that what we used to help cope was sadly just a temporary fix.

“So now what?” You may exclaim, with agitation in your voice.

What people search for unknowingly is the true key. The key to grace, joy, peace, just to name a few. We all want to enjoy life, yet seem to complicate our way with our own immediate fixes.

Stop. Stop choosing that way and accept The Way.

Jesus told His disciples: “I am the way, the truth, and the life” (John 14:6).

You, me…We have the key.

Jesus likewise had been given the key and from the Father; He gave to us the key.


Matthew 16:19:

“I will give you the keys of the kingdom of heaven, and whatever you bind on earth is already bound in heaven, and whatever you loose on earth is already loosed in heaven.”

So looking further into this: Whatever was forbidden on earth is forbidden in heaven. Likewise, whatever is permitted in heaven is permitted on earth.

We know: Jesus was given all authority both in Heaven and Earth.

Which in turn He gave to those who believe and follow Him.

The way we live as new creations in Christ shows others who we are.

Simply put: A Christian, or Christ follower, needs to exemplify the new creation – our transformation.

You recall light and darkness cannot coexist. When Jesus who knew no sin became sin, the Father could not be with Jesus Christ the Messiah during the final moment of the crucifixion.

Likewise, we now have been given ‘the key’ and with it comes responsibility, faith based abilities and glorious reality.

The old self has died, the new is following the Messiah. The prophesied deliverer of God’s people, both Jew and gentile.

Jesus Christ became our savior and paid the price for redemption. Through redemption we were declared righteous in our Father’s eyes. The relationship we were created for had been restored for those who believe.

And thus knowing, believe and accept through faith: We now have The Key.

Written by: Michael La Tulippe

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